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Accessto precise target group approaches and untapped potential in audiencetargeting. Seamlessly integrated native ads in editorial content increasecampaign efficiency and enhance brand impact.

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Native advertising: ahead of the game with maximum effectiveness and trust

Advertising format of the moment

With a projected increase of 12% in US advertising spending in 2023, native advertising is clearly on trend among advertisers (source: eMarketer).

10x higher CTR

Native ads deliver a much higher effect and generate a click-through rate up to 10 times higher than aggressive push marketing (source: Content Marketing Institute).

Increased confidence

Ads on premium news sites are perceived as 44% more trustworthy compared to ads on social media.

Yaleo products

Discover the diversity of our innovative application areas in native performance advertising

Experience native ads in action

Native ads are dynamic image or video/text ads that are perfectly embedded in the editorial environment. With just a few clicks, effective native ads are very easily created and deployed inSwitzerland’s leading premium network. Whether booked directly or programmatically, what you get is maximum and high-quality reach! 

Click price: from CHF 1.50 *

*Competitive bid recommended – variable according to season, booking level and sector.

ad creation

Yaleo Collect’s crawler technology automatically extracts images, text, and links from landing pages to generate up to 1,000 variations of native performance ads and deploy them over the high-quality Yaleo network.

How it works

The new era in talent recruiting

With just a few clicks or via innovative crawler technology, published vacancies can be translated into native-ad-format job advertisements that are published on the Yaleo network. In this way, companies reach not only job seekers but also open-minded talent in an unconventional way. 

Click price: from CHF 2.-

Experience-oriented = interactive

Native ads guide the user to an interactive landing page, which we create individually for each customer. The content can be tailored specifically to the needs of the target audience, thus improving the user experience and increasing interaction. This promotes the lasting information retention, generates more engagement and increases the dwelling time and conversion rate. Innovative, modern and future-oriented!

Fictional preview

Right on target with in-email native ads

Land directly in the target group’s inbox and avoid scattering losses. Our newsletter network, Emvoy, consists of over 46 certified publishers and over 100 high-quality newsletters. It offers a secure advertising environment with maximum thematic relevance. This increases campaign efficiency and advertising impact.

Benefits of
native advertising

Accurate tailoring to target groups
Dynamic and seamlessly integrated
Optimised performance
Increased reach
Real-time monitoring

Das sagen unsere Kunden

Significant increase in efficiency and new visitor rate

‘The automated generation and creation of over 200 ads and AI-generated content significantly reduced our previous time and resource investments and delivered an above-average good rate of new visitors to our OBI magazine.’

A great way to improve conversions

‘Yaleo helps us reach specific Swiss customers within our target group and generate high-quality clicks and conversions.’

Higher conversion rate compared to other channels

‘Thanks to the high quality of the traffic, we achieved an outstanding conversion rate that contributed to the success of our campaign.’

Success thanks to CPC-based campaigns

‘We received good-quality, guaranteed traffic to our online shop and were able to successfully promote a number of new products and campaigns, even generating sales.’

A reliable partner for generating leads

‘A reliable channel and provider of leads for us. We look forward to diversifying our marketing mix in the future.’

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