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Reach your desired audience effortlessly - with Yaleo's unique Native Advertising technology across the most extensive premium network comprising 170 trusted websites.

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Simple. Flexible. Precise.

How native advertising works with Yaleo

Create a campaign

Create native ads for your effective campaign in just a few clicks – or use our innovative crawler technology that automatically gathers images, texts and links from your websites and generates over 1,000 ad designs.

Your ads, your budget.

Yaleo’s flexible, transparent cost-per-click price model helps you plan your campaigns with precision and effectively manage your budget. Click-prices starting from CHF 1.50

Real-time monitoring

The Yaleo real-time dashboard allows you to continuously monitor your ad performance and adapt it to your specific KPIs (reach, click performance or lead generation).

Yaleo's Support for Businesses

Select Activity Area:

Greater visibility and effective performance

Benefit from effective, purposeful communication with your target group and increase customer retention and branding, thereby improving the visibility of your specific content.

Relevant content and high-quality design

Yaleo designs and places your native performance ads automatically – making this process quicker, more effective and more accurate. This allows your message to become seamlessly integrated into the design and layout of the platform in question, so you can achieve better campaign results.

Increase ROI : improve campaign performance

Achieve higher engagement rates using effective audience criteria (demographic, geographic, linguistic, etc.) and optimise your campaign targets and budgets based on current click rates, lead figures and conversion figures.

More Ad Space: Enhanced Monetisation

Yaleo enhances publishers' advertising revenue potential and reader engagement through personalized ad placements and tailored reading recommendations.

Optimised ad placement

Enhances the appeal of your adverts by ensuring their placement within editorial content is optimised to your target group.

Positive user experience

Use seamlessly integrated, personalised advertising experiences that improve your readers’ user experience, increase engagement and maximise viewing time.

Benefits of native advertising

Higher click rates than display ads
Better leads
Positive user experience

What our customers say

Significant increase in efficiency and new visitor rate

‘The automated generation and creation of over 200 ads and AI-generated content significantly reduced our previous time and resource investments and delivered an above-average good rate of new visitors to our OBI magazine.’

A great way to improve conversions

‘Yaleo helps us reach specific Swiss customers within our target group and generate high-quality clicks and conversions.’

Higher conversion rate compared to other channels

‘Thanks to the high quality of the traffic, we achieved an outstanding conversion rate that contributed to the success of our campaign.’

Success thanks to CPC-based campaigns

‘We received good-quality, guaranteed traffic to our online shop and were able to successfully promote a number of new products and campaigns, even generating sales.’

A reliable partner for generating leads

‘A reliable channel and provider of leads for us. We look forward to diversifying our marketing mix in the future.’

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